Data Science

Applied Statistics | Machine Learning | Deep Learning

Projects (done / leading)

Attribution Modelling
by using probalistical models like the markov chain.
Mister Spex GmbH in Berlin
2019 – 4 months

Forecasting of Returns
by using rondom forests / ensemble learning.
Mister Spex GmbH in Berlin
2019 – 6 months

Predictive Maintenance
by using classification and regression models.
Automotive Quality Institute (AQI) GmbH in Berlin
2018 – 3 months

Customer Analytics with Churn Prediction
Prediction of fast-churning tenants by using decision trees.
Vonovia SE in Dortmund
2018 – 2 months

Dynamic Cost Analysis
connecting material prices of invoices from suppliers to prices on financial markets. Detecting invoice fraud via statistical data analysis.
ACELOT GmbH in Munich
2014 – 2 months

Statistical Data Analysis + Text Mining
to identify possibilities of purchase optimization. Finding similar purchase items and orders via text mining.
Karl Bachl GmbH & Co. KG in Bavarian
2014 – 2 months

Trainings for Companies

Machine Learning + Deep Learning
Thyssenkrupp Systems Engineering GmbH in Eisenhüttenstadt
Python, sklearn, TensorFlow + Keras
2019 – 3 days

Introduction to Data Science
IAV GmbH (Automotive) in Berlin, Gifhorn and Stuttgart
Python, Feature Engineering, ML with sklearn
2017 – 5 x one day

Introduction to Data Science
Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse (SBK) in Munich
Python, Feature Engineering, ML with sklearn
2017 – 2 days

Introduction to Machine Learning
Jambit GmbH in Munich, for Software Developers
Python, ML from scratch, sklearn, Apache Spark
2017 – 5 days